How to fix Simplisafe Keypad Out of range Message

SimpliSafe is one of the best residential home security providers, but what do you do when your keypad is out of range? Learn how to fix the Simplisafe Keypad out of range message. If your Simplisafe keypad is giving you an out of range error, take a look at these instructions to find the solution.

Why does my Simplisafe keypad say out of range?

If your keypad says “Keypad Out of Range”, it means that the wireless connection between your SimpliSafe system and the hub is lost. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including interference with other wireless devices or not being within range of your home’s signal.

There are several steps you can take to fix this problem. One solution is to move closer to where you’re trying to connect by walking around the perimeter of your property until you find an open spot. Another solution is to disconnect and reconnect your system.

The problem is that you are not on the same wifi network as your SimpliSafe device. You will need to either disconnect from the current network and reconnect with a new one, or use an external router if possible.

The station is either too far from the keypad or the keypad has not been properly paired with the Simplisafe device. When this happens, you will see an out of range message on your screen and be unable to use it until these issues are resolved.

Also, if your Simplisafe keypad says “Out of range,” this could be a sign that it’s time to replace the batteries. The device needs to stay within about 3 feet from the base station, and if you’re out of range for too long, it will need new batteries or might stop working altogether.

The best part is that troubleshooting the issue and reconnecting your keypad is simple. Remember that your base station should be within range of any devices with which it is linked before you begin. When the base station is too far away, any devices that are out of range will struggle to stay connected, if they connect at all.

There are a few easy actions to take to remedy the issue and bring your keypad back online. If it doesn’t work the first time, give it another go. It may take more than one attempt to reconnect your SimpliSafe keypad. If nothing works after troubleshooting, you may need to bring in a technician to look at the problem.

How to fix Simplisafe Keypad Out of range

How to fix the Simplisafe Keypad out of range error message

To Fix the SimpliSafe keypad out of range error message, follow the steps below:

1. Take out the Batteries

A reset generally solves the problem of your SimpliSafe keypad being out of range. Turning off the power is the quickest and easiest way to reset the keypad. Remove all of the batteries from any keypads that are out of range. If you have two keypads, you must turn them both off.

2. Turn off the base station.

You should then proceed to your base station. You want to make sure that the base station has no electricity or batteries, just like the keypad. You are also resetting the base station, so do not skip this step.

Allow 10 to 15 seconds for it to reset before powering up the base station again. Don’t just take the batteries out and replace them. Allow enough time for the device to reset before proceeding to the next step.

3. Starting the Station

Finally, you will need to restart your base station. If you followed the instructions correctly, the base station should be in test mode. In order to restart the reset option, hit the power button one more.

When the base station has finished resetting, replace the batteries in the keypad and try again. If you continue to receive the “out of range” error, you will need to repeat the instructions and verify that the base station is closer before rebooting the station.

4. Reboot your Router

If the preceding steps are ineffective and If you’ve tried restarting both the keypad and the base station, it’s possible that the router has to be reset. Consider restarting your router to remove the IP address from your device on that network.

5. Check for Software Updates

There is always the possibility that the software on your keypad or base station is outdated. The good news is that you can start an upgrade that will bring the software up to date and (hopefully) allow it to pair properly.

Checking for updates is often the last thing you’ll do before calling a service technician. If the problem persists, it will necessitate the assistance of an expert to troubleshoot the issue and implement a remedy.

You can verify yourself if you suspect a problem with system upgrades. Look for the gear icon on your keypad; if it isn’t there, check the keypad’s menu. Look for “system settings,” then “check for updates.”

The keypad must then be brought to the base station to confirm that it is within range. When the installation menu appears, click “install the update.” It takes a few minutes to apply the update and restart the system, so give yourself around 10 minutes.

Your base station light will become amber when the changes take place. If you’re impatient, the keypad will also display to you what percentage of the update is complete, so you can get real-time updates.

The update should be completed, and the keypad will reboot. You may then return it to its original location and test the range once more. Most of the time, software updates are the last item considered, although they might give a simple solution.


Finally, you should be able to fix the problem of the SimpliSafe keypad out of range by following the above steps on your own. Problems with your SimpliSafe devices are most often the result of the base station being too far away. To enable optimal operation of all devices, the base station must be centrally situated.

Depending on the size of your house, your base station may or may not be within range of the other devices. The size of your home should be an option when buying your SimpliSafe system. After that, you’ll have access to furnishings and appliances designed for a bigger house.

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I am a Mechanical Engineer with years of experience working in the Security Industry. Aside from giving out useful information here, my hobbies include researching, listening to classical songs. In my spare time, I learn python programming language.

I am a Mechanical Engineer with years of experience working in the Security Industry. Aside from giving out useful information here, my hobbies include researching, listening to classical songs. In my spare time, I learn python programming language.