5 Best Security Cameras with Floodlights 2021

Monitor your property day or night from a smartphone with the best floodlight security camera for your outdoors. Are you looking for the best floodlight camera for home security? Read on as we review all the top 5 options with Pros & Cons.

Information security cameras are becoming a common home fixture, with one in four households owning one. A recent article in USA Today reveals that these security cameras, when combined with other devices such as webcams and doorbells, can help you retain control of your property when you’re not around. In fact, Floodlight Security Camera is now getting into the security camera business by providing users with high-definition video clips of their home’s front yard and backyard at live 24/7 streaming.

Why would you need a floodlight security camera?

You might be asking yourself, what is a floodlight security camera and why would I need one? Well, the truth is they are not designed to give you a 360 view around your home or business. But they provide an immense amount of light that can help illuminate what is going on in dark areas of your home. Additionally, floodlight security cameras aren’t limited by night vision as many traditional cameras are because they have white LED lights for illumination. So, you can use the floodlight security camera as a night vision security camera in well-lit areas.
Now, to answer your questions.

Why would I need a floodlight security camera?

A floodlight security camera is what is referred to as a ‘security cam’ or sometimes just simply a ‘security camera’. A floodlight security camera has its own light source and offers enhanced illumination in low-light areas. This may include the interior of your house or other building and requires no additional lighting equipment. The floodlight security camera would serve you best in areas that are not in plain sight. You might want to hide a security camera, but it is best if it can’t be seen. This is where the floodlight security camera comes into play. It illuminates a large area, and if placed properly, will offer you a view of what is happening.

Note: We also did a review on the best security camera with spotlights, you might want to check it out but before you do that, you might want to see the difference between a floodlight security camera and a spotlight security camera.

Top 5 Best Security Camera with Floodlights for your Outdoors

#1. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

Whether you’re worried about intruders, outdoor security, or keeping watch on your property during the day, the Arlo Pro 3 floodlight Wireless Security Camera offers a host of safety features and premium home monitoring services without having to worry about cords. With two-year battery life and free cloud storage that’s accessible wherever you are, it’s easy to see why this device has been so popular among consumers.

Perhaps what’s best about the Arlo Pro 3 is the fact that it’s so simple to use. You simply mount the camera onto an outlet, download the app onto your phone, and after a quick setup process, you’ll be ready to go. The Arlo Pro 3 is ideal for anyone looking to keep watch of a single entranceway or outdoor area without having to worry about a pesky cord getting in the way.

In addition to all of that, the Arlo Pro 3 also comes equipped with two adjustable-position magnetic mounts which allow users to create a customized view. In terms of battery life, it’s capable of lasting for up to two years when using it in “normal mode” and only about 3-4 months when used in “enhanced mode.”

The Arlo Pro 3 is also capable of recording crisp 1080p video footage and is even smart enough to send push notifications directly to your phone at the first sign of activity. With a floodlight 2000 Lumens of brightness or up to 3000 Lumens, you are sure of covering a wider angle with the outdoor magnetic charging cable

The Arlo Pro 3 is fairly priced and comes with a variety of well-thought-out features that make it a solid choice for anyone interested in a cordless camera. Overall, it’s difficult to find anything to complain about when using the Arlo Pro 3  floodlight security camera from Netgear.

It’s easy to use, delivers crisp 1080p footage, and comes with a two-year warranty which covers defects related to workmanship and materials. The Arlo Pro 3 floodlight security camera also works with Alexa and Google Home Assistants. This means you can receive alerts and manage your home security using your Alexa device.

The only problem we encountered while using this device is that it does not work with any other cable except Arlo’s. Overall, it is a good buy.

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#2. Ring Floodlight Camera with Echo Show 5

Nowadays, there are so many devices that are capable of improving security. The Ring Floodlight Camera is one such product that makes your property more secure and safe. This device helps to monitor any suspicious activity around your home. It has an HD 1080p and infrared camera that provides high-quality video which you can view remotely with the Ring app. This camera also comes equipped with a speaker, microphone, and motion detector which will alert you when any unusual movement is detected by the camera.

Ring Floodlight Camera with Echo Show 5 supports Amazon Alexa. You can just simply ask the Echo Show 5 to show the camera’s view or zoom in or out. The Amazon Alexa integration helps you to automate your home and provides hands-free voice control for the Ring Floodlight Camera. With this device, you will never miss a moment as it automatically records video motion alerts.

You can also create custom modes for your favorite home activities such as sports games, baby monitoring, parties, and many more. The Ring Floodlight Camera with Echo Show 5 is the perfect way to monitor your home and yard.

However, unlike the Arlo Pro 3 floodlight security camera, the ring floodlight camera is wired. Don’t be deterred because it is still easy to install.

Ring Floodlight Camera with Echo Show 5, get it now on Amazon.

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#3. Geeni Sentry Wi-Fi Wireless Smart Security Camera

Geeni is one of the best and Safest Wireless Security Cameras with floodlights, which are easy to set up and operate. Geeni uses Wi-Fi connectivity to work with the smartphone app, allowing users to access live video streams of their homes wherever they are. It’s designed for two cameras with one camera per room connected to an external power supply. With a battery life of 7 hours on a single charge, it provides peace of mind when you’re away from home.

Geeni (new) is the best smart security camera for Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which is compatible with all leading smart home platforms such as Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and Nexia.

Geeni offers a simple setup that allows you to pair your cameras with the secure Geeni smartphone app in minutes. It also comes with motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio capabilities that allow you to communicate with your family members anywhere.

It is also the cheapest floodlight security camera in the top 3.

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#4. Amcrest Floodlight Camera, Built-in Siren Alarm

Amcrest Floodlight Camera is the only floodlight security camera on this list with a built-in Siren Alarm. This siren is crucial in deterring criminals from encroaching on your property. Amcrest is a behemoth of a company that makes high-quality surveillance equipment. They clearly focus on quality in all aspects of their business, and they support the thought process with a great lineup of products.

Amcrest’s newly released Floodlight Camera, built with a built-in 120dB siren alarm, is the perfect location solution for outdoor surveillance and security.

This device is able to detect motion in an area of up to 61ft. This device has both day and night vision capabilities which allows this camera to see without ambient light interference in high contrast settings such as dusk or dawn.

It is a good floodlight security camera worth buying.

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#5. Floodlight Camera, ieGeek Wireless Security Camera Outdoor

Lastly on our list of the best security camera with floodlights for the outdoors is the ieGeek Wireless floodlight security camera. This wireless outdoor security camera only supports 2.4G WiFi and comes equipped with two 13W 6000K floodlights, enough to illuminate your courtyard and garage.

It also supports multiple functions, such as adjusting 7 levels of light brightness/constant lighting time/induction lighting of the human body through the APP. It is also easy to install and comes at a cheap price also when compared with others.

ieGeek is a new arrival to the internet security camera market, and they are offering some fascinating features. They’ve made it easy to set up a wireless network camera with floodlight illumination or infrared night vision. Plus you can also download motion detection software for your PC so you can keep tabs on what’s happening at home from the office or wherever else you might be.

The only drawback is that it only supports 2.4GHz WiFi. However, there are lots of positive testimonies on this device.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Security Camera with Floodlights

When considering The Best Floodlight Cameras for Added Security, you should be conscious of the following points below.

While camera resolution and the floodlight brightness may be the most crucial attributes to consider when selecting a floodlight camera, there are other features to consider, including power supply, motion detection, and smart home compatibility. . Learn more about choosing the best reflector camera for home later.

Power Source

Floodlight cameras use a rechargeable battery or are wired at home. Floodlight cameras with rechargeable batteries offer the convenience of a simple wireless setup, but they have a limited power source. Most rechargeable batteries can last 6 months before needing to be recharged, depending on usage. Charging requires the user to remove the camera from their perch and then plug it into a standard wall outlet using a USB cable. Some floodlights are also compatible with small solar panels for an eco-friendly charge.

Brightness and Coverage

The ability of a floodlight security camera to monitor property is determined by the brightness of its lights and the camera’s field of view.

Resolution and Night Vision

Floodlight cameras come with resolution options of 720p, 1080p, and 2K. The numbers refer to the horizontal line of pixels that make up the image. The larger the number, the higher the resolution of the video. For floodlight cameras, resolution matters because it determines how clearly facial features can be identified by the camera. This is especially important because these photos are taken at night.


Most cameras go beyond just allowing the user to monitor who is at the door through a camera. They often have bi-directional microphones built in to allow visitor-user communication. This is useful for instructing a delivery person on where to leave a package, interacting with guests, or warning a potential intruder that they are in front of the camera.

Motion Detection

All the Floodlight cameras mentioned in this post works by using a motion detector to monitor activity around the house. When it detects motion, it signals the camera to start recording. Because these cameras can cover a large area, up to 140 degrees horizontally, many cameras come with customizable settings that allow the user to specify which parts of the camera image trigger the motion detector. This prevents false alarms that can lead to unnecessary images of passers-by on the sidewalk or a visit from the neighbor’s cat.

Smart-Home Compatibility

Most floodlight cameras work by connecting to a home’s Wi-Fi network, granting on-demand access to both live and archived video from any smart device, including smartphones and voice-activated digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other smart home gadgets. Some models are even sold with a digital assistant viewer as a complete home security system. When someone rings the doorbell, the viewer instantly displays a live feed from the camera.


Floodlight security cameras are very easy to install and won’t take you much time to accomplish. Installing a floodlight security camera is a job that most DIYers can complete in less than an hour with a few basic tools. Installing a battery-operated unit involves mounting the camera and lights around the house with a mounting kit.

How to install Floodlight Security Cameras in your Home

To install these floodlights, there are specific steps you need to take according to how much light you want in your yard. Floodlights are placed above the porch and about 10 to 15 feet away from it.

You should then place them so that they’ll be about 30 feet away from your house since those figures will depend on how much space is available between the floodlight and the house. It’s also important to make sure that the top of the floodlight is no more than 30 feet above ground level.

The floodlight is powered by batteries, so you can run it when there’s a power outage in your area. You can also find floodlights that are solar-powered. While the lights will be less effective at night, they may be better for your home and more environmentally friendly depending on your needs and the strength of your neighborhood’s power grid.


Since technology is always changing, many people are looking for the newest and latest gadgets to make their lives easier. For example, a floodlight security camera can give you the opportunity to see who’s at your door as soon as they come near it.

The cameras are mounted on top of a porch and have infrared lights that turn on automatically at night or when there’s low light. They work by recording images from all around the camera while also illuminating your yard with motion-activated lighting. The lights can be adjusted from a variety of angles so that you won’t miss seeing any intruder.

You should consider getting an outdoor motion-activated floodlight security camera ASAP!

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